Naturopathic Consults

Dr. Schamerhorn offers appointments ranging from 15-75 minutes, with the length depending on your specific treatment plan and needs. Each visit is tailored to your specific goals and concerns. Distance care is also available via phone consults and video chat*.

Naturopathic Services (such as injection therapy, acupuncture, etc) may be done as their own appointment or they may be integrated within a Naturopath consult. 

During this time a thorough intake will be done where will evaluate not only your concerns but also your health history, family and social history as well. Will take a close look at your lifestyle (sleep, diet, exercise and stress) to see how we can not only optimize them, but also tailor the treatment plan to best fit your lifestyle. Any pertinent physical exams and lab tests will be done.  A comprehensive and individualized treatment plan will be initiated based on your goals and concerns.

*Please note that initial intake must be an in person appointment.


Initial Visit

(60 minutes)


Follow up Visit

(15, 30, 45, 60 minutes)

This consult is for patients who have already had an initial consultation.

During follow up visits we will discuss and evaluate treatment progress and adjusted any protocol needed. Services such as injections, acupuncture and cupping can be done during this visit. Lab assessments and treatment protocols will also be reviewed at this time. 

15 minute appointments are often reserved for injection only visits




Electronic appointments are available if a patient is un-able to attend the office in person. These are only available for follow up visits and follow a similar structure. You may be sent to your local doctor if determined necessary after the consult. 

*There must be a minimum of one in person visit a year 


Finding the right practitioner that you trust and connect with is important! This appointment is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your concerns and goals. 

*Note: No medical advise will be given during this time 

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Booking your appointment

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